I'll soon embark on a project to create a comprehensive book of images of Nevada. Having lived here most of my life, I've learned there is no other state quite like it. Basin and range geology covers the state 'like an army of caterpillars crawling northward,' as Clarence E. Dutton, a nineteenth-century cartographer described it. Blazing hot desert in the south, alpine peaks and valleys in the north, and all seven ecological ranges and altitudes can be found within the state. 

Nevada's people are equally singular and independent in how they view life. In fact, like the sidewinder rattlesnake that can be found here, most Nevadans would prefer to live and let live in their pursuit of life, and they pack a nasty bite when they're annoyed. 

This project - a book and multimedia production entitled 'Natural Nevada - Living free in the American West,' will include several elements. First is a large format book filled with premium images of nature rendered on traditional 4x5 color reversal film. The book will be accompanied by a companion volume called 'Riding Shotgun - the making of Natural Nevada,' and a video DVD featuring photos and interviews with the people encountered along the way who call the state home for a lifetime, or just a day. As a product of the travel and interviews, a serial documentary will be produced for air on participating television outlets as a periodical series. Finally, a traveling collection collection of 48x60 inch fine prints will be produced and made available to establishments and institutions who wish to display the project for edification of their audiences.

It's a life project that I look forward to completing. There will be invitations for interested parties to become a part of this project.