‘Must carry camera everywhere . . . ’

As a participant in the art of nature photography, I believe that all good things that come of the earth were created to please the eye and gladden the heart of all who experience it. I am not an earth worshiper, although I do love nature. I am compelled from within to make photographs of the land, because I believe the beauties of the creation are evidence of a Creator. We all share a duty to protect what we see and teach others the same respect for the land.

Additionally, I love to be out there alone. Isolated from other humans, one soon learns that the struggle for life in nature is sincere and genuine. It takes place daily in vast open plains, on mountain peaks or in small hidden crevices, ponds and rocky alcoves. Nature’s drive for dominance and survival is based on the realities of the creatures involved, as related to their placement in habitat zones. In other words, you can know exactly what to expect whether you encounter a bunny-rabbit or a rattlesnake.

Urban life-struggles instead are usually to acquire pretentious power or relative and fleeting ‘wealth.’ These hierarchies and social structures are based on perceptions rather than realities. However, with friends and family who love us and rely on us, we humans add priceless dimension to life. Worth keeping. Join me in an appreciation of the miracles of our visual planet.